Common Garage Door Repair Work You Shouldn’t Neglect

December 16, 2022by admin

If you own a home or a commercial property, your garage door is usually one of the largest parts of the space. Companies specializing in garage door installation mount the garage door of your choice. But years of constant use will make it vulnerable to damage, however durable your garage door may be. 


You need to have at least an annual garage door maintenance check to see that all parts are in good condition. This is an opportunity to deal with nagging issues before they become significant problems. 


Let’s take a look at some of the most common garage door repair work that professionals should deal with right away:


Broken or Unresponsive Opener


If your garage door fails to move even when the remote or wall switch is pressed, it could mean that there is a power disruption. The first thing you can check is if the cord is plugged into the outlet properly. If it is plugged, then it might be an issue with the circuit breaker. If these parts are working, but the opener is still malfunctioning, the motor might be burned out. These parts involve electrical components. Trying to fix them on your own risks electrocution if you’re not an electrician. Get a trained technician instead to address the problem safely.


Worn Out Rollers


With how durable garage doors are built, it’s easy to imagine that they will open close thousands of times before needing repairs. Constant motion creates friction that wears them out. This sends the wrong signal to the door opener, making it stop abruptly midway. Worn out or bent rollers also create annoyingly loud noises. Make sure both rollers are well lubricated and are in good shape to maintain the functionality of your garage door. If there’s too much wear and tear, you need a technician to get the rollers replaced.


Broken Springs


Aside from worn-out rollers, broken garage door springs could also cause the garage door opener to be stuck in either open or closed position. It’s a major inconvenience, but any problem with the springs needs an expert hand. Whether it’s the extension springs or torsion springs that need fixing, both springs pack a lot of tension to lift the garage door, and any wrong maneuver is dangerous. This is not a DIY project because it can easily injure you if you’re not experienced. Technicians have special tools and techniques, so it’s best to leave the work to them.  


Busted Cables


Garage door cables are placed on each side of the door. The cables, along with the springs, allow a smooth up and down motion of the door. If one cable breaks, it will add tension towards the other side and eventually break it as well. Exposure to elements can also lead to corrosion. Signs that point to cable issues include when your garage door moves unevenly, it moves too fast, or it doesn’t move at all. If these happen, have a professional check on the cables.


Faulty Sensors


Eye sensors on garage doors help prevent the unit from closing on vehicles, people, and other objects in its pathway. If the sensors are problematic, it poses a risk to property, children, or pets. Check if there are any obstructions to the eye sensors. These usually confuse the signaling to the door opener. But if there are none, there might be damage to the wiring. Make sure you ask a technician to replace the faulty wiring to avoid any mishaps.


Garage Door Repair Needs Here


When you encounter issues concerning your garage door, get in touch with licensed professionals in the field. We are a trusted garage door repair company who can service you 24/7. We are happy to check your garage door and give the best possible option for installation and repairs. Talk to us today to get started.