Damaged Doors? Top 4 Common Causes of Garage Door Repair!

December 9, 2022by admin

Garage doors protect a significant amount of space in your home, which is why keeping it in good shape is crucial. Garage door damage can be a safety risk, and it could expose your assets in the garage completely!


Homeowners need to understand the most common causes of garage door damage – accidental denting, daily use, or exposure to different weather conditions – so that proper garage door repair work will be done immediately. You wouldn’t want your home’s largest storage space, and the car’s parking area, to be vulnerable to intruders, the elements, and stray animals.   


Here are some common causes of damaged garage doors:


Natural Disasters 


If there’s one unpredictable and inevitable cause for garage door damage, it would be nature’s wrath. Natural disasters such as hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, and earthquakes are likely to damage panels, garage door weatherseal, and framing itself. Indeed, these not only affect your garage doors but could wreak havoc on the entire house!


These are beyond your control, but you can protect your property by keeping your home insurance plan updated. You can also always refer to a garage door repair company for any replacement work for garage door parts.  


Garage Panel Dents


Dents aren’t just cosmetic concerns; garage door dents could expose the material to moisture that can lead to rust and molds. Sure, there are minor dents that won’t leave huge cracks. But depending on the size and impact, if these aren’t taken care of immediately, they could eventually destroy the garage door. 


Garage door dings and dents are perfectly preventable. One easy tip is to make markings around the garage door to keep your vehicle from bumping into it while parking. You may also want to place heavyset materials like machinery, tools, and bikes away from the garage door. When any of the object falls on the door, it could sustain some dents.   


If you have the time and budget, take care of minor damages right away – call a garage door maintenance crew to fix the dents and replace a few cracked panels. You’ll avoid bigger problems in the long term.


Moisture and Rust


Garage door hardware can deteriorate if there’s too much moisture and element exposure. Rust and corrosion can build up on garage door cables, springs, and hinges – all of these will impact the quality of each cycle. Unreliable cables and springs won’t properly counterbalance the tension of the doors, and may eventually snap or crash the door down.


Be wary when your garage door moves unevenly, too fast, or gets stuck from time to time. These point to some issues with the cables or spring system. If you experience these, have professional garage door maintenance thoroughly check all the parts.


Foundation Problems


Cracks in the house’s very foundation can subtly destroy the garage door. You’d want to avoid this difficult situation as much as possible because foundation cracks can shift the pressure on garage door cables, springs, and hinges. The garage door parts won’t be able to move in a typical fashion if there is already a structural problem. 


To prevent this problem, you have to consult with a contractor to lay out the home’s foundations. The construction should follow industry standards to ensure that natural wear and tear won’t affect your land’s stability. The contractor will then confirm the soil is appropriately settled and that enough gravel is spread beneath the home’s foundation before construction. Remember, garage doors are pretty heavy systems. The garage’s structure should be strong enough to support the doors without any issues. 


Trust Our Licensed Garage Door Repair


Garage door damage will be inevitable because they are exposed to natural disasters and accidental dents. The best course of action when these things happen is to seek the help of a professional garage door maintenance crew. There are many options for garage door service, but you should research to see whether a company has the proper license and experience to conduct adequate work. 

Don’t let garage door damage risk your safety and decrease your home’s appeal. Contact our garage door repair company for both minor and major concerns. We are experts in garage door installation, garage door maintenance, and emergency repairs. Our techs are on standby, ready to assist you.