Here Are 5 Big Reasons for Garage Door Opener Replacement

December 23, 2022by admin

Garage door openers tend to last a long time. In fact, with proper care and maintenance, these machines will last a decade or more. But if you need a garage door opener repair, there are several reasons to invest in a new one entirely. Yes, it costs a bit more than simply opting to fix the existing opener. 


But like any other appliance, garage door openers have a certain period of planned obsolescence – that is, it will need to be replaced at some point. Smart homeowners will try to maximize their garage door opener functionality without forcing it to run past its prime.


5 Top Advantages to Garage Door Opener Replacement


The following are some advantages to replacing your old garage door with a newer model:


Improved Security Features


Garage doors produced 10 to 20 years ago usually just have one fixed code. If someone is able to access this code, they could easily open your garage door. You obviously wouldn’t want anyone intruding on your private property. New garage door openers have a rolling code feature that lets you change the code. This makes it harder to duplicate your code and open your garage door.


Aside from that, new garage door openers will keep your overhead doors moving smoothly. There should hardly be any freezing, or slamming motion when you operate the door. New openers will be more reliable than your old one that’s been through the ringer for years.


Less Noise When Doors Cycle

If your old garage door wakes up the entire street every time you open or close it, isn’t it high time you replace your garage door? Older mechanisms use a chain drive as the opening and closing mechanism. This produces a lot more sound than the newer models. Consider replacing it with a screw-drive or a belt-drive garage door opener for a more quiet garage door.


Again, the noise issue has to do with how old the garage door opener. It’s a given that the older it is and your spring mechanism, the noisier it could get. After a couple of years, homeowners will really benefit from getting a new opener rather than sticking to the old one.


New Garage Door Openers Have a Backup System

Garage doors need electricity to operate, which is why a power outage can be a huge hassle if you need to open or close your garage door. Newer garage door openers are outfitted with a battery backup. This system will keep your garage doors running even when there’s no electricity. 


It’s a bit costlier upfront, but imagine if you experience a power outage and it affects the electrical connection in your garage door. That would be a bigger problem down the line. Investing in a proper battery backup can keep your garage door cycling at the event of a brownout.


Enable Wireless Features

Newer garage door models can be linked to the homeowner’s mobile device. This enables you to control your garage door from any location and only open it when necessary. Plus, smart technology can inform you if the garage door is open and you’re not in the vicinity.


More energy efficient

A new garage door not only improves security it also helps reduce energy consumption. Newer styles have good insulation, keeping the cold or hot air out and regulating the indoor temperature as well. You’ll be surprised how much savings you’ll have on your power bill each month.



Call Our Team for Garage Door Opener Replacement


Investing in a garage door opener repair is a must for shrewd homeowners. If you are thinking about replacing your garage door opener, we have a good range of options to meet every price point and custom need. Our technicians are well-versed in different smart garage door openers that provide all the advantages mentioned above.


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