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Secure your commercial business property with a reliable, safe, and top-performing commercial garage door.
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My commercial garage door is in terrible condition. Should it be repaired or replaced?

Depending on the condition of your commercial garage door, it should be either repaired, have its parts replaced, or a new commercial garage door should be installed.  You should schedule an inspection so that a commercial garage door technician can perform a full inspection and make a recommendation.  An inspection will include a quote for fixing or replacing your commercial garage door.  Most commercial garage door companies can start and complete a job quickly.

My office garage door gets stuck a lot of times. What should I do?

You should schedule a maintenance inspection from a commercial garage door company.  A technician will perform a full inspection of the garage door and conduct routine maintenance.  This maintenance will include tightening bolts and screws, lubricating key parts of the door, adjusting the garage door spring tension, and performing an overall inspection of the garage door.  Upon approval, they will fix or replace any parts on the commercial garage door that need this service.  Once they complete the job, your commercial garage door will be operating again at top-performance.

Why does my office need a garage door?

A commercial business should secure all areas of its property including the parking garage.  This adds an extra layer of security to protect employees and protect the business property.  A commercial garage door company will be able to recommend different types of commercial garage doors that will provide this security and fit a budget.


Why our commercial garage door service?

The team at Alpine Garage Doors offers top-quality commercial garage door service at affordable prices. We can repair or replace any make or model commercial garage door.

We understand the importance of safety and security that a top-performing commercial garage door brings. That’s why we offer only top-notch services that help our customers improve the efficiency of their commercial garage doors. We have been servicing commercial garage doors for over 10 years and have proved to one of the leaders in the industry. Our services are one of a kind because we never compromise on the quality of our products and customer service. Contact us today to learn more.

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