6 Basic Garage Door Maintenance Tips

October 1, 2021by admin

Garage doors undergo cycles almost daily – even twice or thrice in one day. Because of the work demands, it’s a good idea always to strive to maintain your doors in good condition. Even new garage doors need a bit of TLC! Conducting cursory checks and scheduling garage door maintenance can prolong your unit. 


Garage door maintenance is crucial, especially if you live in an area with different seasons; these changes can bring extreme weather and elements that affect the performance of your garage doors. 


The question is, should you conduct garage door repair during a particular season? Well, some seasons demand more precautions (e.g., complete insulation during winter), but there are a few simple tasks you can do any time of the year by yourself. Of course, we would always advise that you don’t attempt any major repairs on your own. Calling garage door repair professionals is still the best avenue to keep your garage door and your family safe. 


For basic garage door maintenance, here are 6 steps you can easily perform:


Stop, look and listen to your garage doors


This isn’t rocket science; if there are strange, jerky movements on your opener, cables, or other parts, make a note of those. Even if you are using a chain drive that would make a bit of noise when operating the garage door, it should not make too much of a racket if it’s in proper shape.


We won’t ask you to examine the garage door as you rush going to work. But on less hectic days, you have to watch and listen closely as you open and close the unit. Watch for these possible issues:

  • Slower response during opening or closing movements
  • Erratic movements
  • Jerky, noisy parts
  • Scraping or grinding sounds
  • Uneven doors upon closing


When you notice any of these signs, check the alignment of your garage door. A garage door that looks uneven or is wobbling can bring more significant issues if not addressed. 


So take a few minutes to observe the door’s shape and movement – this costs nothing and can help avoid further complications down the line!


Check if there are any obstructions or debris


The tracks on either side of your garage door keep the cycle (opening and closing) of the unit safe. It’s crucial that every season, you know that the tracks are free from any obstructions. Even tiny clumps of stuff can get in the way of making the garage door cycle symmetrical. 


Check your garage door tracks regularly for any obstructions, which can cause damage to the wheels and misalignment of the door. During summer, check for any dirt or weeds that could accumulate and clog the door’s rollers. Use a rag to wipe these off. Too much debris can affect the quality of the movement if neglected. 


And if you observe that the tracks have gotten too rusty or are way out of alignment, it might be time to call a garage door repair team to install a new set of tracks.  


Lubricate the moving parts


If you can commit to it on your own, lubricate the garage door rollers and other hinges at least twice a year. Using a high-quality spray lubricant like white lithium grease, spray the formula on all moving metal parts of your garage door opener and the door’s springs. You can also use WD-40 for parts that seem stuck before applying grease.


Why apply lubricant? Your garage doors consist of many small, moving parts that will be susceptible to tension and wear and tear. Regular lubrication will prevent the parts from scraping on each other and keep the entire garage door working smoothly.


Tighten loose hardware


When your garage door operates a cycle, the last thing you want is random hardware loosely moving in certain parts of the unit. Screws and bolts keep connections tight, and so if there is loose hardware, this can cause serious repercussions, such as damage to the door itself, damage to your property, and even personal injury.


Go ahead and use your existing tools; a couple of screwdrivers and a wrench should be enough to do basic maintenance. Check the brace securing the tracks in place, the fasteners on the garage door opener, and the hinges placed between your overhead garage door. 


Check the auto-reverse feature


Garage doors are outfitted with either one or two auto-reverse safety sensors. The primary sensor uses a pressure sensor to reverse the direction if it touches something on its path. The second feature uses photo-eye sensors mounted near the floor to trigger a reverse action if an obstruction is detected.


You may not really notice any issues with your sensors, but if you have the time, check on their functionality as well. It pays to be proactive about maintaining these safety features. Something as simple as placing an object in the direct path of the door can help you check the accuracy of the sensors. You can also check the auto-reverse by starting the door down and then just passing an object in the path – the door should automatically reverse direction upwards if it’s in good working condition. 


Check the Weatherstripping


Seasonal changes call for quality weatherstripping – this rubber stripping placed along the bottom of the door keeps the cold draft, water, dust, and debris out of the garage. The weatherstripping’s quality can affect its ability to keep out damaging elements. 


Some weatherstripping, like the ones in wooden garage doors, are nailed in place. To check if in good shape or to replace it, pry off the nails and take out the old seal. Some weatherstripping use a flange that fits into grooves. You can remove the old weatherstripping by pulling it from the grooves. 


Call Professionals for a Complete Garage Door Maintenance Check


Garage doors are built to operate for years, but that doesn’t mean they don’t require regular checks. These simple garage door maintenance steps can ensure that your overhead garage doors keep functioning in the best way. 

And for the tasks you don’t feel confident completing on your own, we are always here to assist you in garage door repair for both residential and commercial garage doors. Our garage door repair technicians are just a quick phone call away – keep significant garage door issues at bay and invest time with regular garage door maintenance! We’ll be happy to help.