10 Awesome Ideas to Spruce Up Your New Garage Doors

October 8, 2021by admin

Home trends have steadily gained prominence lately because of the physical and mental impact a comfortable home can bring you and your family. Our lifestyles have changed drastically through these recent months, and if you are staying at home more, it makes sense to want to upgrade the design of your dwelling. And among the best projects to begin now is installing new garage doors


Garage doors make up a large portion of your home’s exterior. At the same time, these doors are some of the sturdiest, most hardworking mechanisms in our homes – they can pretty much last for decades with only some overhead garage door repairs needed every so often. Enhancing them will bring so much back to your investment – in terms of aesthetic and comfort! In fact, new overhead doors increase the value of your home by up to 94% ROI. 


If you’re looking to make garage door installation your next home project, here are ten awesome ideas to take inspiration from. Gone are the days when you’re limited to bland, white garage doors! 


Here are wonderful ideas to spruce up your new doors:


Give a pop of color

Paint is one of the simplest ways to spruce up your garage doors. Most garage doors now have the look and feel of natural wood, but they are actually made of composite materials. The advantage is, they are moisture-resistant, won’t be susceptible to moisture and molds, and won’t warp or crack. 


These garage doors can also be painted or stained to whatever hue complements your home. We love the idea of having a bright pop of color for your garage doors – a blue or red garage door can make them stand out against a more neutral style of surroundings and give the exterior a burst of energy.


Work with lighting

If you’re planning to install double-bay, craftsman-style garage doors, it will be even more beautiful when you add sconces or other light fixtures on the headroom portion of the garage doorway. The lighting will illuminate and highlight the beautiful moldings on your door’s exterior and add a more dramatic layer to the whole appearance. Aside from making it look more flattering, lighting also helps deter any untoward activity that may happen near your property. 


Go contemporary

Modern garage doors ooze that simple appeal that can elevate your home. Of course, contemporary doesn’t mean your design will be stark or cold. You can play around with the idea of having a custom garage door decorated with windows. Strategically grouped small windows placed on the side of your modern garage doors are popular now. This feature will let natural light in and create a unique visual impact. 


Want a strong and bold statement? Paint the garage door and window trimmings a rich shade of black. 


Choose a cozy cabin look

If you’re reminiscing mountain resort trips and want to recreate that look in your garage doors, then forego the modern look and go for more earthy, detailed wooden garage doors. 


Again, achieving the wooden garage doors look does not mean that you have to get actual wood material for your doors – they cost more and require more maintenance work. If you prefer easier upkeep, you can get steel doors that have a wooden finish. Coat them in warm walnut stain or paint, and you already have a warm, natural look to your steel doors. you don’t 


Fill the garage door with windows

Another great idea to add a huge statement to your garage doors is to have the entire door filled with windows. But not to worry about privacy; most window inserts are frosted acrylic that will not be see-through. 


The frosted windows will filter the natural light not to make it too harsh for your room during the day. Meanwhile, adding exterior lighting right at the headroom will illuminate the frosted windows at night. 


The whole design will add a calming symmetry to an otherwise basic home design. Understated class!


Consider showcasing foliage 

Who hasn’t been bitten by the plant mania during this pandemic? Most homeowners have been more enthusiastic about gardening and enriching the home vibe with plants and flowers. And garage doors are no exception!


Especially if you have a Mediterranean-style home, you can cover the upper portion of your garage door headway with some stunning vines – rose bushes and bougainvillea come to mind – and just let these flowers cover the trellises above the doors. 


Keep in mind that this design will require a bit of maintenance as you need to make sure that the canopy of flowers doesn’t interrupt the garage door as it operates. But it’s such a stunning concept that draws the eye to the foliage on your garage doors. 


Design your garage door here

We at Alpine Garage Door Repair offer a wide selection of custom garage doors to complement any home. Whatever your design sensibilities, whether you lean towards a more modern look, or want to maintain a warm, textured garage door design, be inspired by these style ideas we have presented here. 

And once you have it all figured out, call our garage door service pros to get the custom design, installation, and garage door maintenance all taken care of every step of the way. We’d love to get you started in enhancing your home’s curb appeal!