Types of New Garage Doors for Your Home

September 24, 2021by admin

New garage doors are a great way to add value and extra living space to your home. It gives homeowners easy access, and at the same time, keeps insulation and security in check. Aside from the functionality, garage doors are also among the first things to notice in a home’s exterior. They take a big portion of the space that it can make or break the entire look of your property. And if you have a front-facing, attached garage, the doors will be the focal point people see as they pass by your home. 


You may be checking your garage doors now – are they still presentable? Fully-functional? Or have they seen better days? If your current door looks worn out, it may be time to get garage door installation.


There are lots of options for homeowners when it comes to overhead garage doors. But there are lots of things to consider, too – you’d have to decide on the choice of materials, finish, windows, and accessories! But before making these decisions, you have to figure out which type of garage door your property needs.


Here is our list of what garage door types are available right now:


Sectional Garage Doors 


Sectional or overhead doors are great as residential garage doors and commercial garage doors alike. They usually consist of eight panels that move overhead when the door opens, just like a gate would. The hinges placed on these panels make it easy to keep things tight and in place. The system ensures that the heavy doors stay parallel to the ceiling when the garage door is opened. Of course, there are the hardworking torsion springs to counterbalance the force made during the garage door cycle.


Sectional garage doors use different materials, including steel, aluminum, vinyl, wood, and fiberglass. There’s a custom option for anyone. Sectional garage doors are popular because it does not need extra square footage outside when the doors open. And if you’re a homeowner that needs to block the outside light and elements from entering the garage area, sectional garage doors are a great choice. Lastly, the simple, solid look appeals to those who subscribe to a more modern, minimalist aesthetic.


Roll-Up Garage Doors


Roll-up or rolling garage doors are the go-to for commercial garage doors, but they can also translate well for your residential property with a few considerations. 


Roll-up garage doors are made of galvanized steel that fold around a drum placed above the garage parkway opening. The lightweight, foldable steel can make each cycle faster compared to other materials. It’s a convenient system to consider for your next garage door installation, especially for low headroom garages that may be too low for sectional styles. 


Slide-to-the-Side Garage Doors


This type of garage door works just as the name describes: each garage door panel moves to one side of the garage whenever the doors are opened. Like your roll-up garage door system, the slide-to-the-side mechanism solves the problem of having a low headroom garage. Placing the garage door panels on the side instead of overhead won’t create any issues with the headroom.


Of course, one possible issue here is that you’re transferring the bulk of the garage door to the garage space itself; it will take up a bit of space on either the left side or the right side of your garage entryway. You won’t be able to place shelves or large equipment in that portion of the garage. 


Canopy Garage Doors


From the word itself, canopy garage doors move in an upward tilting motion whenever the garage cycle happens. The solid piece of garage door is hinged upwards to make the garage entryway accessible. Canopy garage doors will undoubtedly look more dramatic during their cycle. After all, the entire garage door unit tilts upwards every time you operate the garage door opener.   


There are variations to this system – some canopy garage doors stay in a canopy style as you move the car in or out of the garage. Other upgraded versions can retract overhead after tilting so that no part of the garage door extends past the doorway. 


The primary considerations for this style are: if you have allowable space outside your garage entryway that the canopy door can take and if there’s enough space on the ceiling.



Side-Hinged Garage Doors

Among the garage door types here, side-hinged garage doors are the simplest mechanically. It’s like the typical barn door that has a two-door opening secured by hinges on the frames. The design may be less advanced than a sectional, roll-up, or canopy style, but remember that a more straightforward mechanism will require less complicated garage door repair work in the long run.


If you have enough space extended from the garage doorway that allows for the doors to swing open, this can be a good option for you. 


Choose the Right Type for Your Next Garage Door Installation!


So which one of these new overhead doors are you leaning towards? Whichever type you go for, make sure it’s functional and fitting for your current garage area configuration. 

If you want to get your next garage door installation or need a fresh design, get in touch with us here at Alpine Garage Door Repair. We offer the best garage door repair and services in the area. Contact us today to learn more. We’d love to talk to you!