Which Commercial Garage Door Installation Motor Is The Best?

January 14, 2023by admin

Commercial garage doors require the more sturdy make and high-performance capabilities. Our expertise in commercial garage doors is unparalleled because we have licensed technicians who can install and repair fire-rated roller doors, overhead garage doors, and larger-scale sectional options. One of the main parts of a garage door system is the motor – it’s the mechanism that enables automated movement for these heavy-duty doors.


Selecting a good quality garage door motor ensures that your doors function correctly for a long time. You’re prioritizing productivity and efficiency when choosing the right motor for your commercial garage doors.


Here are four of the most durable and robust door operators for your heavy-duty needs:


Genie GCL-GT


Genie is among the most trusted names in the garage door industry, and their GCL-GT operator is designed to work for full-lift sectional and rollup garage doors. The gear can withstand up to 60-cycle per hour requirements, which makes it perfect for heavy-duty settings. What makes the GCL-GT motor stand out is the seamless control and sensor features. It is re-wired to adapt to monitored entrapment devices like photo eye sensors, external interlocking switches, and button controller stations that are perfect for warehouse or large-scale garage door settings.


There won’t be any worries with this motor. Even in the event of a sudden power outage, the GCL-GT can automatically adjust and stay synchronized in its cycles. You can program its timed-close feature from two seconds all the way to five minutes, depending on how much time you need to secure your garage. It is also capable of adjusting the door’s up and down runtime.     



Manaras MGT


The Manaras MGT is another reputed name in commercial garage door motors. This specific unit has a powerful 25-cycle capacity per hour, or around 80 cycles per day. It’s a perfect option for doors that are on the taller side, as it can support lifting of 40-feet high commercial garage doors. While it may not have the comprehensive automated features of Genie’s motor, The Manaras MGT comprises of a drum-band solenoid brake that keeps each cycle as precise and smooth as possible. It’s protected from rusting and corrosion, and the slide-off cover can make maintenance checks convenient enough to be regularly accomplished. The Manaras MGT also features an Accu-cam to easily make customized movements and adjustments of the door’s close limit capacity.


This is a no-nonsense garage door motor that has proven to be a reliable option for business garage doors. 


LiftMaster HCT


One of the most trusted names in garage doors comes up with another quality product: the LiftMaster HCT motor. This operator is ideal for high-performance settings, for doors that stand up to 12 feet tall and weigh around 700 pounds. This motor has a good backup battery system that allows up to 112 cycles, even during a power outage. 


What makes the LiftMaster HCT a great choice is the SDI Safedrive – the direct drive operator is suited for all types of garage doors, including rolling grilles, roll-up steel doors, and balanced and unbalanced sectional garage doors. The SDI Safedrive is intuitive, meaning it can self-monitor and adjust speeds when used in different applications. It can also ensure a smooth and noiseless operation.


This LiftMaster HCT also features myQ technology, which enables commercial garage doors to connect directly to Internet devices. You can check the door via your smartphone, tablet, or computer. This capability is convenient for setting schedules, timing the cycles of garage doors, and receiving real-time notifications if the garage door is open. The motor can keep your garage door secure and your entire facility well-guarded. 


Choose the Best Garage Door Installation Products

Commercial garage door installation and repair require top-notch products and services. Business owners deserve the best in options, and we can provide that and more. From fire-resistant rolling doors and high-speed overhead installations to sectional overhead options – our licensed technicians have COR certification that ensures quality performance every time.


Keep your commercial overhead garage doors in top working condition by getting the best motor. Our technicians can detect minor issues, and recommend the best parts and repairs for your doors. You can rely on us for garage door installation and maintenance. We ultimately save you from premature investments and from issues turning into major damage. Call our garage door service hotline anytime!