5 Critical Signs You Need Garage Door Track Repair

January 6, 2023by admin

When garage doors are not working properly, it can be difficult to find the source of your problem. The tracks may have become damaged or misaligned for various reasons, including daily wear and tear, improper installation (especially if done in a DIY setting), and the most common source of damage: lack of lubrication from friction between moving parts over time.


Homeowners often forget about the tracks, but it can cause a major impact if the tracks get damaged.


Here are six signs your garage door tracks require repair.


The Tracks Look Warped

Garage door owners can do a visual inspection every so often to make sure that their tracks are parallel and flat. If they aren’t, then they may need to call an experienced garage door repair team before things get worse. If the tracks are too far away from where they meet on either side or both sides, the movement of the doors will be affected. This is a big risk because it could cause the door to fall or loose grip while on a cycle. 


It’s an emergency repair best left to professionals. They’ll replace the tracks that are severely creased or twisted. If you only notice a slight bending, a claw hammer could help adjust it back into proper form.


Garage Door Opens Roughly 


If you find that your garage door is taking longer than usual to open or closing with force, try lubricating the metal parts. If this still doesn’t make things better, then it might be time for an alignment! Make sure there isn’t any damage on cables and pulleys as well before considering track repair. These connected parts cause misalignment when they don’t support the weight of the door properly. If that’s the case, call a garage door service technician asap. 


Garage Door Won’t Open


This is an emergency case because you can’t use your doors anymore! What you can do while waiting for the professional service is to pull the emergency release cord and just move the door manually. If it doesn’t budge, you may have tracks that are too warped, which in turn jammed the rollers and got the door stuck. Do not try to fix this yourself, at any costs – call a professional garage door repair instead. They’ll take care of inspecting and safely fixing the door.


You See a Gap Between Tracks and Rollers


Garage door rollers that have started to veer off the track and rise away mean there’s serious alignment issues. Again, you don’t want to risk injury by attempting to fix this yourself. Call a technician who knows how to safely align the tracks.


Garage Door Is Ajar


Like a stuck garage door, if your garage door won’t close completely and has gaps when operating, it will be a huge problem in terms of safety. Your garage will be exposed to outside elements, and you may even invite break-ins from opportunists. Call a service crew to check the tracks for any loose bolts and twisting that will need re-alignment.

There are Unexplained Noises


If operating your garage door causes screeching, popping, and shuttering noises, there could be a problem with the spring, the rollers, or the tracks. Check for any dirt buildup that could be causing the issue. If it’s not the problem, check the track alignment – the metal-on-metal friction may be what’s causing the extra noises. 


Schedule Garage Door Maintenance Here

Your garage doors are heavy pieces of machinery made up of a complex system of springs, sensors, pulleys, and tracks that require specialized knowledge. If you note the visible twisted parts, loose rollers, and misalignment on the tracks, call a garage door repair team. Our crew has years of experience, and we’ll be able to diagnose and repair the problem before the damage snowballs into a disaster. 


Staying on top of garage door maintenance can help prevent the tracks being damaged. You are guaranteed safe and certified service with us. All our installers participate in ongoing training and certification programs, so you can rest easy knowing you’re in good hands. Our technicians will periodically check the doors to identify any minor issues and nip them in the bud. Let our techs keep your garage door functional for as long as possible. Book your appointment today to get started!