Our Tips on How to Paint A Garage Door!

June 17, 2022by admin

Want to breathe life in your old, worn garage doors? One easy and low-cost solution is garage door paint! Going for a new look can update your exterior, cover up any chipped or rusty parts, and give your garage doors a nice new look.

While putting a fresh coat of paint on your doors is simple enough, it still involves careful preparation. This way, you won’t mess up the job and ruin the garage door panels. 


Top Tips for Garage Door Paint Project


Use the right paint

The first major thing to ensure is that you use the right kind of paint. Remember that garage door panels come in different materials; vinyl, wood, aluminum, or wooden composite – check first with your garage door service crew or the hardware store if the paint and primer suits the garage door material.


Time it

Weather affects paint. Not only are you going to have a hard time maneuvering in your garage when it’s raining, but the dew or moisture could also likely ruin your paint job. On the other hand, too much heat from the sun could also play a role. If you have steel garage doors for instance, they could get too warm.

If you can, check with the paint manufacturer what is the most ideal condition for that particular paint. And try to schedule the project when the weather’s not too extreme – no heat, no rain, no humidity.   


How to Paint A Garage Door

As we always say, hiring a professional garage door service can ensure quality for all types of changes in your doors. And you have to remember that every DIY repair could affect the warranty on your garage doors (so check that first!). 

But of all the home projects you can do, garage door paint is among the simplest, safest, and cheapest! So if you’re planning to do it, here are our most recommended tips for you:


Power wash it

To make sure no trace of dirt or dust is on the doors, power wash the entire unit. It’s fast, and it’ll clean off all particles that could be in the way of a perfect paint stroke.


Use sanding paper

When the doors are dry, it’s now time to smoothen and even out the flat surface. Use a scraper and a sanding paper to remove any cracked or chipped parts. If your door is wood or vinyl, do this carefully to not scrape off too much. Just do it enough so that everything’s smooth and ready for a fresh coat.


Wash and wipe

When all the old, cracked paint is sanded down, wash the doors again. Dish soap or a regular liquid soap will do. A pristine garage door will enable your paint to adhere better.


Use paint tape 

Be very thorough with covering all the parts that will not be painted. These include the hinges, hardware, gaskets, windows, and trimming – every part that should not have a speck of paint. It’s better to open the door if you’re going to put tape on the gasket.


Prime the garage door

As with paint, you should determine which type of primer fits your material. Most latex exterior primers work on various surfaces, so it could be a safe option. And for application, use a wide paintbrush, paint roller, or a sprayer. Make sure your primer dries for at least 12 hours before applying the paint!

Put primer on the panels first, then apply it on the rails and stiles. Let the primer dry while your garage door is open so that the cracks will not seal shut as the primer dries on the stiles and rails.


Paint the garage door

Once the primer is dry, you can now paint with your exterior formula. Apply at least two coats for maximum color payoff, and give enough time to dry in between coats. 


Get Garage Door Maintenance Here

Keeping garage doors coated with fresh paint from time to time keeps it looking fresh, and ensuring it lasts a long time without cracks or rust. 

If you’re too busy to DIY your own garage door paint project, you can always call us experts to do the work for you. Call our professionals for any garage door maintenance or garage door installation needs. We can come to your location for a free estimate today!