Are Barn-Style Garage Doors the Latest Trend?

June 10, 2022by admin

Are you thinking of installing barn-style garage doors? The look has been popping up everywhere these days, and we couldn’t help but explore some of the basics homeowners need to know about barn garage doors.


So, where did this design originate? In the olden days, the more well-off families owned large estates with separate carriage houses. This is where the horses, horse-drawn carriage, and some agricultural equipment are kept. 


Nowadays, homes that have a farmhouse architectural design could benefit from barn-style garage doors. While there are modern conveniences like electricity and automation, many homeowners still want a touch of tradition for their homes. And barn-style garage doors can recreate that old-style feel but with a more convenient automated option.


Barn-Style Garage Door Features


Barn-style garage doors, sometimes interchanged with carriage-style garage doors, are originally crafted from wood. The main difference with barn-style and carriage-style doors is that barn garage doors are constructed to slide to the side, while carriage-style doors swing out to open, much like a room door. But again, their architectural style evokes a classic, traditional sense.


In today’s market, there are still a variety of wooden options, but we also have the convenience of faux wood. Wood composites are generally more durable, less expensive, and easier to maintain than real wood.


When it comes to finish, barn-style garage doors could be painted (black and white are on-trend) or stained with either light or a darker wash. And as for windows, since natural light enhances the garage interior, barn garage doors could have window inserts. Window choices include a simple plain glass, etched glass, frosted glass, or if you want to go all out have beveled inserts with intricate glass detailing.


Barn Garage Doors Cost 


Now let’s talk about cost. According to Remodeling Expense, barn style will typically run you $600-900 for basic and even up to $2,500 for customized garage doors. And this excludes labor and hardware.


Again, high-quality wood is a premium product and will drive up the cost. Make sure you get 3-5 estimates from different garage door installation companies before deciding which one to work with. Make sure that they are licensed and warranty-covered. That way, you get a more accurate estimate for the type of barn-style garage doors you’d want. 


Advantages of Barn-Style Garage Doors 


Garage doors with that farmhouse, barn style have several advantages – apart from looking fabulous! Here are some of them:


They open differently


Barn garage doors are unlike overhead garage doors that work against gravity to lift the doors upward in a cycle. Barn style garage doors swing open or slide to the side. Therefore, they do not necessarily have to counterbalance against gravity, so no springs are required to assist the cycle.


They allow more space


If you opt for barn garage doors that slide to the side when open, it creates a bigger space for the garage, as they don’t lift overhead and stay in the headway. These doors remain entirely outside and don’t occupy any room in the garage interior. 


They are sturdy


While there are various options, more often than not, homeowners stick with solid wood for their barn-style garage doors. These are often customized using high-quality wood reminiscent of the previous era. Yes, there are composites, but barn-style garage doors are usually made with thick, extremely sturdy, and premium wood. Expensive, yes, but they last for decades!


They can be manual or automated


Barn style garage doors give you the best of both worlds – you get the rustic charm of a farm house, and if you want to maintain the convenience of an overhead door you can still have that mechanism. So even if you’re getting a traditional style architecture, it won’t be a hassle to open and close the garage doors. Barn-style garage doors balance both curb appeal and user satisfaction.



They can save energy 


If you’re using the garage as an extension of your living room space, then you frequently open the doors. If you have an overhead door, that could mean several cycles in a day, which uses power. Opening the doors also lets the cold air in. But with sliding barn garage doors, you could just slide it open halfway. You’re letting sunlight and air in, but you don’t have to open the door.  


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There are several advantages to installing barn garage doors, but if the only reason you have is its aesthetic element, then that’s as good a reason as any! As long as it complements your home, it is a very practical and durable option for residential garage doors.


If you’re looking to get new garage doors, get in touch with us. Our team of garage door repair professionals can give you a wide array of custom options. We recommend only the best brands and parts for your garage door repairs and upgrades, so you’ll always have the best results! Talk to us if you’re interested in getting barn-style garage doors.