5 Garage Door Tips to Match Your Garage Door to Your Front Door

July 29, 2022by admin

For homeowners, it’s not enough that you have a literal roof over your head. Caring for your home means continuously investing to boost its appeal and overall value. And one of the most foolproof ways to do that is to elevate your home’s curb appeal by following tried and tested garage door tips. If your property looks attractive on the outside, you’re already creating a good impression for your friends and neighbors.


The first step to improving your home’s exterior is to coordinate your garage and front door. It sounds simple, but it really is effective. In fact, stats suggest that investing in a new garage door can yield the highest return – almost 95% of the initial cost once you sell the property!


Here are some valuable tips to consider when matching your garage and main entry door:


Go bright in color

One great strategy is to keep the garage door as eye-catching as the main door entryway. This draws attention to the garage door instead of having the front door more obvious in your curb. Highlighting the garage doors by painting it a bolder color will make it the standout element in your exterior. 


But everything depends on your goals – if you want a unified look, matching is a good idea. But if you want to create a unique style a bright contrast between the main door and the garage doors can be a good design element. 


The only thing that will be a potential issue is that the other details of your house become harder to notice.


Be consistent with material

A great way to make the doors match is to stick with the same material. For instance, if you have a wooden main door, consider getting a complementing wooden garage door as well. Of course, it’s not a hard rule. Mixing and matching different materials can give your home a vibrant, unique look.


But for a more seamless look, we recommend choosing your door materials according to what is already found in your home. For example, if your home is farmhouse-inspired, your doors should feature the same materials (e.g., warm wood and rustic steel). Whether through materials or the finish, both the garage doors and the main door should complement the existing structure.


Choose one style

You can showcase your creativity with your front door and garage door combinations, but it’s best to stick to one architectural style for maximum sophistication. For example, if you are looking for a garage door installation, then a vintage-style home needs a more romantic garage door installed to compliment the front door. You can play with cherry grain and intricate panel details for both the garage door and the main door. 


Meanwhile, a contemporary structure will pair best with a fiberglass garage and main door with built-in windows. Glass, steel, and fiberglass materials bring a modern feel to your doors. 


And don’t forget the style and shape of the details. For example, if your front door has an arched window and frosted glass, consider customizing your garage doors with the same detailing. It will look off-kilter if there are different details used on the doors.


Be smart about a color scheme

Since the main door and garage doors are meant to accentuate the entire home, the color should balance the whole look. One useful trick is not to match the colors on your exterior and your doors. It will look too bland and washed out. Instead, combine two tonal hues that go well together without being an exact match (i.e., don’t mix cool shades with warmer shades). 


If your exterior is already a bold color, use a more subdued shade for your main door and garage doors. And vice versa. Generally, since the main door is a smaller door than your garage doors, you can be liberal about a popping color choice. But make sure that it is in the color palette of the entire home.  


Pro tip: always check on the exact color specs – don’t just eyeball it because the shades may look different once painted or stained on the doors!


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