5 Reasons You Should Never DIY Garage Door Repair

August 5, 2022by admin

We can search pretty much every how-to guide on the Internet nowadays. A few searches on YouTube and you’d have a full video tutorial on whatever you’re searching for – and garage door repair is no different. Because of our easy access to online info, it’s easy to think that you can handle this project at home. 


But if there’s one thing you shouldn’t attempt to fix by yourself, it’s your garage door. Garage doors are complicated to repair, and if something goes wrong, your home won’t have an important security feature. Think about it: garage doors are the biggest entry point in your home. If they’re not in the best condition, it’s a potential hazard for both your property and your family’s very security!


Garage door repair jobs should be left to professionals, period. While it’s an investment, hiring trained technicians will be safer. And it can actually cost more if you damage your doors or risk injuries than if you would book a garage door maintenance.


Check out our biggest reasons why you should not DIY repairs and hire a garage door repair company instead:



You won’t have the right tools


Most homeowners have a basic toolbox as their repair arsenal. But a garage door requires highly specialized equipment. You may not have access to these tools, as only licensed technicians will be familiar with them. And without the proper tools (and the know-how), repairing the garage door properly would be next to impossible.


Of course most homeowners will have a ladder, and a toolbox. But what about the grips for spring tightening or removal? Will there be safety equipment for these complicated fixes? And do you have protective gear?


Garage door repair can include the tracks, spring, or opener among other parts. It’s not going to be the same every time. You would need the right tools for the job, which in reality, most homeowners won’t have at their disposal.  



You might worsen the problem


Relating to the above mentioned lack of tools for repairs, novice DIY-ers may also lack in repair expertise! 


Garage doors are complex in nature, composed of different parts that should be working seamlessly. And unless you are a trained technician, you may not have the right expertise to repair a problem. It’s even likely that you could further damage the unit. 


What should be a simple repair with minimal costs might force you to install a new garage door. You’ll incur a more significant expense. In this case, it’s best to hire an expert that can fix the problem the moment it happens.


You might damage other parts


Because garage doors are made of interconnected parts, one minor mistake could damage other hardware or electronics that did not need any repairs. 


Making quality adjustments and maintenance work is not something everyone can pull off, and so it pays to invest in garage door maintenance at least once a year. 


Most homeowners may be handy with simple home repairs, but garage doors require the professional eye that trained and licensed repairmen possess. If something goes amiss in your DIY fix, you’re actually risking a bigger, more costly damage to the entire system.


You could risk being injured


Garage doors are sturdy mechanisms. But when something is malfunctioning, a novice would not know how to safely disassemble the parts to examine what needs to be fixed. 


For instance, in old garage doors, if the safety cables were to break, the spring could snap. The sudden breakaway could not only cause damage to your car or other stuff in the garage, but it could injure you as well. 


Another hazard? Most garage door repairs require you to do it while on a ladder. Even the most athletic homeowner could risk falling off a ladder if you’re not used to working in this way. For safety reasons, it’s best to find a trusted garage door spring repair. 


You could lose the warranty


Most quality garage doors come with a warranty. This covers repair and maintenance costs for an extended period. However, when you attempt any DIY on your garage door, you’re effectively losing the product’s warranty. Companies specify that they will not be accountable for any modifications a customer will create on the unit. If you want to keep your warranty usable, trust only the licensed professionals to work on any garage door projects.


Trust Our Experts for Garage Door Repair  


The garage door is one of the most critical parts of your home. This is why it is made to last. Of course, it will still require a few repairs now and then. Besides being a serious safety hazard, your garage doors may be damaged further if you resort to DIY. The smartest thing to do in these cases? Leave it to the professionals.


Call us to ensure that your home stays safe and secure. We offer free estimates and ensure appropriate safety inspections are performed as we work on your garage door. Get in touch today for scheduled garage door maintenance and 24/7 Emergency Service.