4 Issues That Need Garage Door Repair ASAP

November 4, 2022by admin

Home and business owners alike use garage doors every day, typically more than once. And with the constant up and down motion, it’s inevitable that glitches will arise at some point. Although it’s possible to fix some of these issues yourself, there are cases when you need the help of a company specializing in garage door repair. Here are some examples of when to call a professional:


The panel door is damaged

Whether it’s accidentally hit or the result of prolonged exposure to the elements, your panel doors could get rusty, dented, and cracked. These panels allow the garage door to curve up and down. When a part of it becomes damaged, you usually need to replace it immediately. You wouldn’t want a big hole in your garage door anyway. The good thing is that modern units are modular. You can just replace the damaged part without overhauling the entire door. The best way to do it is to let a full-service garage door professionals handle the task. Aside from a guaranteed expert treatment, a garage door company can guide you in choosing which garage door unit suits your property. You’ll avoid any unnecessary problems in the long term.


The garage door opener is excessively noisy

Noisy garage doors are a bane to any homeowner, let alone those that are in close proximity to the door itself. Fortunately, this issue can be dealt with when you conduct regular maintenance and replacement of few parts. For instance, the garage door rollers might already be worn out. Thin and loose rollers are more prone to friction, and therefore, noise. If you have experience DIY-ing minor repairs, you could certainly attempt to check your garage door opener motor. But for a more thorough and safe work, hiring a professional technician will be your best bet.   


The garage door opener is stuck

If your garage door is stuck, it could mean many things. You have to check the minor concerns first. It could be as simple as battery replacement. Make sure that the remote batteries are working and change them if necessary. You might also just be too far from the garage door while operating the remote.  Take a look at the antenna as well. No object or debris should be blocking it. Once you’ve checked these things and the door is still stuck, then it may be a more serious problem with wiring or the eye sensors. A garage door technician can pinpoint the problem quickly and provide the appropriate solution for your specific concern.  


The garage door springs are worn out

Pressure from the heavy garage door is counterbalanced by extension springs and torsion springs. These work hard to support the motor and make sure the door moves upward and downward smoothly. As they are under constant pressure, they will eventually wear out. If the opener is starting to toil when moving the door, or if the door feels heavier than before, it may be time to call a technician. Repairing or replacing these door springs is reserved for garage door companies experienced with handling this challenging task.


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