3 Biggest Reasons Why You Need Garage Door Spring Repair

November 11, 2022by admin

The garage door is a fairly straightforward mechanism. And within the whole unit, the garage door springs do the majority of the hard work. The springs carry the load whenever you open or close the heavy doors, so you need to ensure that your springs are always in top condition. Although other parts of the garage doors, like panels, tracks, and cables, need routine care, you’ll never go wrong if you focus on maintaining the springs.


Types of Garage Door Springs

Before learning about garage door spring repair, you should first be familiar with what types of springs are in a garage door unit:


Extension springs: These springs are mounted parallel on either side of the garage door tracks. They contract and expand every time the garage door is operated and are attached through a series of cables. Extension springs have been used in the older models of garage doors and are still used today.


Torsion Springs: Torsion spring systems are horizontally attached to a steel shaft and mounted to the header wall above the garage door. They are attached to cable drums at both ends. When the garage door is closed, the torsion bar rotates to form the ‘torsioned’ state. This packs a lot of tension needed to control the heavy garage door itself. And when the door opens, the tension enables the opener to lift the door. The difference between torsion springs and extension springs is that torsion springs rotate while extension springs extend when supporting the garage door motions.



Why Leave Garage Door Repair to the Pros?


Regardless of what garage door spring replacement you need, this is best left to professional technicians. Garage door springs pack a lot of tension, especially when the door is in the closed position. Because of this, most garage doors break when the door is being closed down. It’s pretty risky as the door could crash down on your vehicle or your person. You’ll have a safer and more efficient result if you call a professional for this issue.



3 Reasons Why You Need Garage Door Spring Repair


General Wear and Tear


Probably the most common reason why garage door springs fail is because of wear and tear. Most springs can withstand up to 20,000 cycles – one cycle involving opening and closing the garage door. Sounds like a lot? Given that garage doors are operated more than once per day, the usage does add up through the years. If the worn-out springs are left unfixed for too long, there could be nasty accidents. 


For instance, the tightly coiled torsion springs could end up breaking and flying through the air. The broken pieces can damage property or, worse, cause bodily injuries. If your garage door functions as the main door in your home, it’s a smart move to have a garage door repair service look at the springs regularly.


Rust Buildup


Relating to wear and tear, rust can form on your garage door springs because of prolonged exposure to the elements. Whether it’s from lack of maintenance or just constant exposure to the cold or humid climate, rust buildup could shorten the garage door’s life expectancy. 


One way to slow down rust issues is to spray some silicone-based lubricant to the springs periodically.  Preventative measures that repair the garage door springs will save you from a more significant expense of needing to replace the entire garage door unit quicker than it needs to.


Less-Than-Ideal Previous Maintenance


Garage door springs are quite sturdy, and they last for years even with constant use. But the mechanism will eventually give whether you maintain them well or not. The difference would be that if you regularly care for the springs, they would have an extended lifespan. In addition, regular checks on the springs’ function can alert you when they are getting close to failure. This prevents any serious and explosive damage that can occur. 


The best way to maintain your garage door springs is to have them checked at least once per season. If this is too much for you, prioritize the maintenance checks in the winter. This is when most springs begin to break or fail.


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Garage door springs have the heaviest job of all: they handle the weight of the entire door during opening and closing motions. As they make up a very delicate part of the whole garage system, any fixes must be left to garage door spring replacement experts. Garage door spring repair is simply too complex for most homeowners to contend with. You may not be well versed in how they work, what causes them to break and how to fix them!


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