What Is Included in A Garage Door Tune-Up?

April 15, 2022by admin

Our garage door works a whole lot throughout the year. It’s not just an entryway to the home, but it keeps your vehicles and a big part of the property secure. And while garage door tune-ups can sometimes be neglected, they can make a big difference. Garage doors are constantly exposed to changing weather, dings and scratches, and everyday wear – and all these things can take their toll. 


What would seem like minor issues might lead to serious problems, such as cables stretching out and snapping, tracks bending out of alignment, and springs loosening or even breaking off. You’ll not only risk safety when moving your car out of the doorway, but these damages can also cost you A LOT. Double the harm!


Why Have A Garage Door Tune-Up?


With garage door issues, it’s better to get a complete sense of the condition of each part. Having a tune-up lets homeowners be more proactive about noticeable but also unforeseen issues. This way, you won’t be surprised when your garage door gets stuck one morning when you have essential things to rush to! 


What Is Included In A Garage Door Tune-Up?


Garage door tune-up involves three major steps: assessing, adjusting, and lubricating.


Assessing each part of the garage door is possible by using a 26-point verification system. This checklist goes over the opener, remotes, trolley, sensors, limit switches, door balance, door springs, bearing plates, and so forth up to the last part which is the bottom weatherseal and the panels.


Once all these parts are inspected, the technician can note on the checklist which ones need any adjustments. Of course, there will be replacements needed in some parts, which the technician will have to discuss with the homeowner about the costs.


After the repairs, the technician can proceed with the last step, which is lubricating all hardware parts (e.g., rollers, hinges, springs) as well as the weather seals at the bottom, in between the sectionals, and the ones surrounding the exterior frame.


These summarize what is included in a garage door tune-up – each part of the garage door, from the appearance to the system that enables the doors to open and close and the safety settings – everything is checked and made sure to be in the best condition. A skilled garage door maintenance technician can recommend which repairs are best prioritized if the owner has limited time and budget.


Garage Door Tune-Up Cost


Garage door tune-up costs would vary depending on what needs to be fixed or adjusted in your doors. Usually the cost estimates would include cost of material and shipping them and the labor charge. There could also be additional costs for preparing the worksite, say, protecting the existing panels when fixing the weatherseal, etc.


However, garage door tune-up cost does NOT include any electrical, HVAC, and plumbing work, testing for hazardous materials, and permit fees required by your particular neighborhood or building department.


When Do I Need A Garage Door Tune-Up?


Here are some signs that you may need to call a garage door maintenance crew for a tune-up:


There are unusual noises


Most of us love to hang out in our garages, that is, aside from parking the cars there. Garages can either serve as an extension of the living room or as a craftsman or hobbyist’s hub. Whatever purpose your garage door has, it can be pretty annoying if there are scraping or grinding noises when the garage doors cycle up or down.


Any unusual noise could point to loose hardware, rusted hardware, or debris that can cause major wear on the garage door parts. It could also be that the spring needs to be replaced already.


The garage doors move unsteadily


If your door is moving slower as usual, or is moving unevenly, and there are jerking motions, it needs a tune-up! The most common causes for this issue would be the opener or sensors have a problem, there are loose bolts or cables, and there’s too much friction going on and the hardware needs lubrication.


The garage doors let the elements in


Garage door weatherstripping should keep rain, snow, and debris out of the garage area. Meanwhile, insulation helps regulate the temperature. Over time, these materials can become brittle or worn out, and no longer be as functional as when they are first installed. 


Garage door tune-up can prevent having a damo, moldy garage that can bring your family health and safety issues. Garage door maintenance for weatherstripping and insulation can help protect your garage area from inclement weather.


Your Trusted Garage Door Tune-Up Experts


If you realize that you need a garage door tune-up session today, you need a professional garage door repair team that can perform the checks and repairs properly. We can carry out the work so your garage doors stay safe and in good working condition.


We recommend that you go for at least twice a year of garage door tune-up – before the winter arrives and at the beginning of spring. This way, you’re confident that your garage door service prevents any major problems come winter time when it’s going to be an even bigger hassle to have garage door problems in harsh conditions.

Your garage doors work hard everyday, year in year out – so get the best garage door maintenance crew to handle the repairs! We’re here for all your tune-up needs, we’d love to talk today!