Top 6 Reasons Why You Need Garage Door Opener Replacement!

July 15, 2022by admin

A garage door opener offers a degree of convenience and safety that we homeowners often neglect. As long as it’s working everyday, there’s no reason to think about garage door opener replacement. But after a few years, the opener will inevitably start giving you problems.


Don’t worry, garage door opener replacement doesn’t really happen that often. These units are made to last for years. Nonetheless, you should also assume that every electronic equipment will be susceptible to wearing out. And garage door openers are no exception. 


A faulty garage door opener could impact your safety and the security of your garage doors. You wouldn’t want something that heavy to be amiss when moving up and down your garage tracks. If you have issues with the opener, now may be the right time to upgrade.


But how exactly do you know if it’s time to get a garage door opener replacement anyway? Here are six signs that point to a new opener:


The opener struggles to open and close the garage door 


This is one of the most critical signs that you may be due for a garage door opener replacement. Check first if nothing is blocking the tracks, like dirt buildup or any other object. That could be what’s making the door stuck. 


Make sure that you also rule out any damage in the motor, spring, or even a misaligned track. If these are all cleared, then the problem is most likely a faulty garage door opener.


If you’ve resetted the opener, replaced the batteries, and checked the tracks to make sure nothing is the blocking – and still you have a struggling opener, it might be time to buy a new one.


Garage door opener switches back when opening or closing


This is one of the most frustrating things to happen to your garage door opener. When you need it to open, it will move and halfway there will reverse movement. And vice versa. It’s one of those things that could cause mishap to your workday! 


The issue might be with the security sensor. The emergency reversal system safeguards any person, pet, or object in the garage door’s direct way. But if there’s a glitch, it wouldn’t work accurately. In fact, it could work the opposite of what you intend the door to do.  


Contact an expert garage door maintenance team to check the photo eye sensors and the opener unit itself. Either faulty wiring or a defect in other parts of the opener could be the issue. 


Garage door opener randomly stops


Sometimes the garage door opener would have electronic issues that cause errors. Yes, this could seldom be occurring, but it’s best not to take chances with an erratic garage door opener. What if it slams down while you’re midway to parking your car? What if it stops closing down on a cold night? There are so many inconveniences and risks that a faulty opener could bring. 


Don’t overlook a haphazard opener. Call for a garage door opener repair instead. You’ll thank yourself later when you prevent a major security glitch from happening in the future.  


Garage door slams down


When the garage door slams down, it’s usually due to loose spring. But the opener could also have gear connection issues. There’s also the possibility that the force limit settings – the one that automatically lifts or lowers the garage doors – aren’t set properly. 


As a temporary solution, check if you can adjust the force limit on your opener. It should be on a setting that does not struggle to control the doors. Even if you fixed this, we still recommend calling a garage door maintenance expert just to check the safety aspect of the opener.


Garage door is too noisy


Homeowners and business owners frequently get used to the fact that garage doors are loud. But there’s loud, and then there’s extremely loud. The extra noise usually occurs when the doors struggle to cycle up and down. 


Before the garage door maintenance arrives, you can examine the noise level of your garage door opener. Too much racket can be an indication of a problem. You may need to have it checked if you hear crushing, scratching, grating, shaking, and other abnormal noises. Either the garage door has gone through too much wear and tear, or there could be a particular damage that needs to be fixed immediately. 


Garage door speed is either too slow or too fast


This is another issue that poses risks. If, say, your garage door moves too suddenly while your car is in its way, it could damage your vehicle or cause an injury to you or your family members. On the other hand, if the garage door takes too long to move, you’re basically wasting time each day. And if there are outsiders who might plan to intrude in your home, they could slip by the garage door if it takes too long to close. A licensed technician can resolve these problems. 


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Garage door openers are your daily workhorse. They move thousands of times before they break down. If your garage door opener doesn’t work as well as it should, it’s time to consider getting significant repairs or even installing a new one. It would be best if you acted right away before any major problem or safety issue arose because of a faulty garage door opener


If you are looking for a repair or garage door replacement service, we can help you with what you need. Our garage door maintenance techs provide the highest quality checkups and service for your home or business. If you encounter issues with your current door, get in touch with us today so we could fix the issue immediately.