Roll-Up Garage Doors: Find Out Which One Fits Your Business

July 30, 2021by admin

If you have a commercial property, you need a dependable commercial garage door that can withstand heavy-duty work and require as little maintenance as possible.


Why Install Choose a Roll-Up Garage Door?


Among the various types of garage doors, a roll-up garage door is one great option. Rolling doors comprise of corrugated metal panels that roll up into a box placed directly on top of the doorway. It’s far less stylish, we know, but roll-up suits warehouse or industrial garages for several reasons:


  •   Requires Less Maintenance

 Unlike the standard sectional garage doors we have in our homes, rolling doors don’t have any tracks, hinges, and cable system overhead. Instead, a roll-up garage door just uses a metal curtain door that rolls up or down. The difference in mechanism gives rolling doors fewer parts to maintain and repair in the long run. Imagine not having to check so many hinges, springs, and cables! This is a big reason why business owners prefer rolling doors – it’s the more cost-effective option.


  •   Less Noise

 A roll-up garage door has no tracks, wheels, and cables notorious for becoming too noisy when worn out. It stays quiet with years of constant use. That alone makes it perfect for public spaces, such as retail stores, health care facilities, schools, and other properties where you can’t have a raucous garage door unit.    


  •   Saves Space

 Not only is a roll-up garage door sturdy enough to handle hectic business operations, but it also takes up minimal space. Compared to wall-mounted, overhead, or canopy-style garage doors, a roll-up garage door will fold neatly inside the barrel each time it is lifted upward. If you have little headroom or want to free up ceiling storage, this design saves on space.


  •   Hard-Wearing

 Most rolling doors are made of durable materials like galvanized steel and aluminum. Aside from being rust-resistant, these materials can withstand demanding use and harsh climates. Aside from that, these doors have rubber seals on all sides that can insulate and block wind, snow, rainfall, and debris from getting inside your garage.  


Types of Roll-Up Garage Doors 


Here are different types and models of roll-up garage doors you might want to consider for your business:


Roll-up Sheet Door

 Roll-up sheet doors are virtually similar to the standard roll-up garage door. The main difference is that the sheet is made of corrugated steel, which folds into the box when rolled up, while a rolling door is made of interlocking slats that will stack when the door is opened.


It’s lightweight, opens and closes fast, and can withstand the elements as it is made of steel or aluminum. Builders can use it in retail stores, individual storage facilities, outbuildings, or heavier duty areas like loading docks.


This commercial garage door is ideal for both small and large spaces and can either be installed in new constructions or retrofitted in a renovated space.


It’s a versatile and well-performing design that you can find on reliable brands such as Wayne Dalton.



High-Performance Roll-up Garage Door

 This type of rolling door is perfect if you have a high-traffic garage, much like what you see in a food processing facility, a manufacturing or storage facility, and businesses that require vehicle deliveries.


It’s a reliable commercial garage door because the rubber material outfitted on the door is dirt and water-resistant. In addition, the quick-rolling motion helps improve work efficiency and reduces the risk of unauthorized access to your facility.



Rolling Fire Door

 A rolling fire door can add that extra layer of security due to its fire-resistant material and fire detection mechanism (e.g., smoke detection). If the commercial property requires fire safety standards, you can opt for a rolling fire door.


What’s the difference? Besides the fire-tested material, this door is designed to close automatically in the event of a fire or if the fire alarm is activated. Some models also have a time-delay feature that enables the owner to control the door’s closure.



Roll-Up Garage Door for Your Business


Deciding on a specific roll-up garage door is easy when you turn to the pros. We at Alpine Garage Door Repair know what the latest commercial garage door models are on the market, and we can determine which unit can deliver the best performance for your property. We carry a variety of roll-up garage door products and their parts. Contact us today to learn more and get a free estimate!