Hire a Pro for a Garage Door Opener Repair!

March 17, 2021by admin

Garage doors are sturdy mechanisms that can last for years. However, each individual part has to be in good condition to keep the garage door working as a whole. Garage door openers, in particular, are one of the more important parts in having it work correctly. But how can you tell when you need garage door opener repair? And how do you find the right company for an overhead garage door repair or emergency garage door repair? We will help with that, so all you have to do is read this to be prepared when you hire a garage door service company.


Your Garage Door Doesn’t Respond

If your garage door opener fails to respond at times, that could already be a sign that something is wrong. It might be the batteries, so check if these need replacements first. If changing the batteries does not solve the problem, the opener is most likely to blame in this case.


It might be tempting to do a garage door opener installation yourself, but any DIY work is discouraged. Installing or repairing it yourself can lead to further damage and complications. We know you want to save yourself the cost of hiring a technician, but they are professionals for a reason. Doing the repairs by yourself can be dangerous and could even cause an accident. You can save yourself the hassle by hiring a professional technician you can trust.


Your Garage Door Moves More Slowly

If your garage door is going slower than usual when you open or close it, it could be because of your door opener. If the device becomes worn, it can have difficulty raising the garage door as it usually would. This can pose a safety risk since the issue could worsen, leading to a detaching door that falls to the floor.


Additionally, your garage door may make noise. The sound your garage door makes when you operate can show whether it is in good working order. A noisy door motor is an obvious sign of wear and tear, and the sound can become louder and more irritating if you do not call a repair service soon.


Your Motor is Old

Checking your garage door motor’s age is one way to see if it will need to be replaced soon. Even if an old motor seems to be in good shape, it can break down at any moment and cause problems. Garage door opener motors typically last for ten years, and then it eventually stops working like it used to. Contacting a technician can be an excellent help for inspecting any anomalies and maintaining the parts of your garage door.


On that note, vibration is another thing to look for in a worn-out garage door opener. Rather than hearing it, you will see it. Vibrations can be seen from inside the housings of old motors with rusty armatures or bent shafts. You might see the opener mounts shaking loose if the issue is serious, and it is best to hire a technician as soon as possible.


Your Garage Door Doesn’t Open

There are usually two simple reasons for your garage door not to open when you try to open it. As mentioned before, it might just be the batteries in need of replacement. If not, it’s almost certainly related to your garage door opener. You might be able to hear the door motor running even though your garage door isn’t moving. You will have to consult a professional to have it checked, as it can become a problem.


On the other hand, if your door reverses or comes to a halt halfway down, it might also be a problem. It can indicate an issue with the close-limit switch, which will also mean that you should make some changes to the door opener motor. If your garage door does not fully open, you might have a switch issue that requires professional inspection or repair. Damaged rollers can also be responsible for this, and it should be worth looking into.


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