Garage Door Repair: 5 Accidents That Can Damage Your Doors

February 3, 2023by admin

There are various ways your garage door can get damaged, like severe weather or an attempted break-in. Neglecting regular garage door repair is a surefire way to make your doors worn out and unsafe, but the most common way garage doors get broken is through human error. Garage door damage hurts your home’s curb appeal, poses a potential safety risk, and leaves your door susceptible to further damage. Here are five of the most common blunders and how to avoid them.


Felling a Tree That Falls onto the Garage Door

Attempting to remove a tree on your property can result in disastrous consequences. A tree falling into your garage door can cause irreparable damage. It’s best to hire a professional arborist to handle all tree removals. It’s also important to keep an eye on leaning or cracked trees on your property and have them removed before they unexpectedly fall into your home in heavy winds.


Backing the Car Up Accidentally

Driving or backing into the garage door is more common than you think. It often happens if you’re in a rush and forget to open the door fully before backing up. Accidentally hitting the gas pedal instead of the brake when entering the garage is also a common mistake. Running into your garage door can severely dent the panels or knock the door off its tracks. To prevent this mishap, take your time and always wait for the door to open completely before shifting into drive.


Installing Hoops or Nets Onto or Near the Garage Door

Although installing a basketball hoop over your garage door may seem like a great idea, it’s nearly impossible to prevent the ball and players from hitting your garage door. Over time, the impacts can lead to scuffs, dents, and broken glass. You could instead place a freestanding basketball hoop fixed on a pole at the side of the driveway. The same goes for a hockey net or putting mat.


Placing Large, Heavy Objects on the Garage Door

Many people use their garages to store all sorts of large items. It may seem obvious, but leaning things like ladders, tools, and sports equipment too close to your garage door can become an obstacle. They may make your door open or close unexpectedly, causing accidents. Keep things in your garage tidily stored against walls, on shelves, or in bins. Ensure you have adequate room for your car to come in and out of the garage without issue.


Foregoing Scheduled Garage Door Service

Another big reason garage doors get damaged is neglect. Ignoring minor issues can lead to much more severe and costly problems. That’s why it’s important to invest in regular maintenance. An annual inspection, like the planned maintenance program from our garage door repair service, can help preserve the health of your garage door, keep it functional for longer, and ensure it lasts as long as possible.


Garage Door Repair Solutions

If you accidentally damage your garage door, don’t try to fix it yourself, even if you think you know how. It’s best to leave the repair to a professional. If you don’t have the right tools and sufficient know-how, you could damage your property or even break your limbs if something were to go wrong.


Garage door experts can replace broken springs, sensors, tracks, hinges, and rollers. They can improve functionality and repair cosmetic damage like dents, dings, and scratches. They also know when it’s OK to replace an individual panel or two instead of replacing the whole door.


You might only need a complete garage door replacement when you have significant functional or cosmetic damage. For example, warping and cracking are sure signs you should replace the entire door. The age of the door should also factor into your overall decision. If your door is over 15 years old, it’s a good idea to get a new one. From a cost perspective, replacing two or more damaged sections may be about the same as replacing an entire door.


Call us for Garage Door Maintenance


Garage door repair should be left to professionals. That way, you keep your warranty intact, prevent any safety issues regarding your garage door, and don’t invite any more problems with physical injury or property damage. Book a free consultation with our garage door maintenance team – we have been servicing the area for years. We have a trusted staff of trained garage door installation and repair technicians ready to assist you at any time. Call our hotline today to get started!