Garage Door Remote Stops Working? What to Do

September 9, 2022by admin

Garage doors are among the most convenient systems in your home. But it wouldn’t be easy to use if it’s not automated. Garage door remote makes it possible to operate your heavy garage doors with just a few clicks of a button. 


But there are instances when your garage door remote isn’t working. If your garage door remote stops working, don’t panic! There are a few things you can do to troubleshoot the problem.


How Your Garage Door Remote Works


Before going into reasons why the remote would stop functioning, let’s discuss how the garage door remote works in the first place.


Most garage door remotes transmit a radio signal that is encoded with a unique binary code. The door’s sensor responds to this code once the remote sends the order. The frequency can be set from 350 to 390 megahertz (MHz).


Reasons Why Garage Door Remote Stops Working


While this technology is generally reliable, sometimes there will be interruptions in the signal. This could be due to a number of reasons, which we’ll discuss below. 


Battery Change

The easiest thing to troubleshoot is the battery. If they are dead or close to being empty, the remote will no longer function perfectly. Even if the batteries aren’t completely dead, they can still cause errors or problems. First solution to your problematic remote is to put fresh batteries. If it doesn’t get the remote to work, then it’s not a battery issue.


First, check the batteries. If they are dead or dying, replace them with fresh ones. Sometimes, even if the batteries aren’t completely dead, they can still cause problems. So if you’ve tried fresh batteries and your remote still isn’t working, try replacing them again.


Disrupted Signal

If the battery change does not do the trick, something may be blocking or interfering with the signal. Something as simple as a piece of metal can interfere with the remote’s functionality. If you think this is the case, move the remote closer to the opener. It should work fast if it’s close to the opener.


The rule of thumb is to be at least 20 feet from the garage door opener when attempting to use the remote. Any farther away and it could already struggle to transmit the signal. Check if there are objects that may be blocking the sensors. Any debris or object could cause the signal to be disrupted.


Engaged Lock Button


Another possible reason for your remote issues could be accidentally pressing the lock button on the door’s control panel. Once this is engaged, the remote will no longer be functional as the door is set to not respond to controls.


Check the lock button on your control panel. If the remote signals the door to move up or down, that means the lock is disengaged. If not, you cannot control the door using the remote or the wall control panel.


Physical Wear

Garage door remotes are used practically daily, and so it’s no surprise that they will eventually be damaged. If the remote is dropped, sat on, or stepped on, it could damage the internal wiring. Moreover, if the garage door remote gets exposed to rain, snow, or extreme heat, this could also impact how the remote works.


If the remote is too damaged, the only solution is to replace it. Calling a garage door service for this supply is your best option.


Garage Door Wiring

If all the other troubleshooting attempts do not resolve the remote problem, the most likely reason is the garage door opener‘s circuit board. In some cases, the motherboard will have a sudden power surge, which could mess up the opener’s internal connections.


If the circuit board malfunctions, this is a job for a garage door professional. They will diagnose the issue and test the wiring. The technician may be able to reconnect the wiring or recommend a replacement for the motherboard, which will cost higher.


Call us for Garage Door Service


Garage door remote helps property owners use the doors conveniently. It may be a small part of the entire garage door system, but if it gets faulty, there’s a big difference in the ease of use. Troubleshooting the remote before calling a professional can save time and money. 


But if none of these solutions work, it’s time to call a garage door service company. They will be able to diagnose and fix the problem quickly so you can get back to using your garage door the typical way.


Any problems with your garage door remote or the garage door system, in general, require professional repairs. We are available 24/7 to help you out. Our expertise is residential or commercial garage door service, so we have the products, warranty, and licensed technicians for all your needs. Call us to start today.