Can A Garage Door Opener Be Hacked? How to Prevent It!

March 3, 2022by admin

In our modern lifestyles today, everything seems to be automated. And it’s no different when it comes to new garage doors. But can a garage door opener be hacked? That’s a big concern, especially since most homeowners and business owners now rely on computerized security features to protect their respective properties.


New models of garage door openers can be linked to smart devices. And people can then rely on assigned facial recognition or access codes to unlock the device and operate the garage doors.


But the convenience of automated garage doors also brings some drawbacks. For instance, there’s the likelihood that intruders could hack your garage doors. This is a big deal, as most homeowners consider the garage doors as a main point of entry to the home. If it is compromised, it will be problematic for the entire family’s security.


Can A Garage Door Opener Be Hacked? 


Unfortunately, garage door openers and remotes can be compromised. It’s just how technology works. But it’s not really as simple to execute, and some garage door openers are easier to infringe on than other types.


How does it happen? Older garage door openers tend to use a fixed code for access. When you use the remote, it sends a signal to communicate to the opener. Garage doors use frequency that range between 300 to 400 MHz. This is pretty much the same as radio signals.


Now, the problem is, this signal can be hacked using certain tools. For example, a code grabber is a device that can retrieve a code recorded from radio frequencies. Once an intruder gets a hold of the fixed code, then he can easily use it to operate your garage doors. And if your network has the factory-assigned basic passcode, you could be compromised because the hacker can access the WiFi network.  


How to Prevent Garage Door Hacking


In today’s tech-driven systems, anything can be hacked if the hacker is persistent enough. But this doesn’t mean to give up. Rather, this is a call-to-action that homeowners must be cautious enough to do everything possible to prevent unwarranted access to your garage doors. Aside from regular garage door maintenance and mechanical repairs, securing the automated feature of your garage doors is a must.


Get A Rolling Code Garage Door Opener


The best way to counter any hacking attempt is to invest in a rolling code or hopping code garage door opener. While rolling codes will not be completely hack-proof garage door opener, it will be a lot more complicated to pass beyond. The more secure you make your garage doors, the less you’ll be an easy target!


If you need to upgrade into a rolling code garage door remote, top brands like Genie and LiftMaster has a lot of great options that use the feature.


Secure Your Smart Devices


If your new garage doors are connected to your smartphone or tablet, securing these devices is necessary. It can be tiresome to change passwords from time to time, but if you want to really prevent any brute force attacks from compromising your security, these are worth the effort.


  • Enable biometric features – enabling biometric features, like fingerprint access or the now standard, facial recognition, will make hacking harder to execute. After all, you are the only one with that fingerprint or facial data. It’s best to rely on these methods to ensure that you are the only one who can operate your garage door app.


  • Use a different network – if you can, try to install at least two networks for your devices. This gives you a way to save some devices from being hacked if only one network is exposed. Connect your smartphone to the main network, and place other, less critical devices on another (e.g. Guest WiFi network).


  • Use 2-Factor Authentication – again, this will take some time to set up, but it will add a layer of security that might discourage an opportunistic attack. Enabling 2-factor authentication wherever it is possible can deter any hacking attempts and force them to move to a less secure garage door system.


Call Us for Hack-Proof Garage Door Opener


Hackers are usually looking for the easiest target. It’s up to homeowners to keep abreast of the latest technologies to discourage these attempts. 

Ultimately, the best course of action to prevent garage door hacking is to upgrade your garage door opener. We have a wide range of options for garage door openers that will have rolling code features and smart security. 

If you consider getting a new garage door opener, get in touch with our technicians. We will replace your old model and assist in garage door installation that’s most convenient for your family. We guarantee honest estimates, good quality workmanship, and industry standards for all your garage door needs. Get in touch with us to inquire about your next project!