Advantages to Upgrading to a Smart Garage Door Opener

June 30, 2021by admin

Garage doors are made to last for years. In fact, most homeowners will only need to have a new garage door opener installation around twice or thrice in their lifetime. Because of this, many people adopt the notion that if the garage doors still work, then there’s really no point replacing or upgrading them.


Of course, your garage doors will continue to operate. But that doesn’t mean you’ll settle on an old, noisy unit forever! Even if it works fine, there are certain advantages to upgrading to a smart garage door opener.


What exactly is a smart garage door opener?


It’s built like a conventional garage door opener. The difference is that it can connect to a WiFi network. This enables you to control your garage doors using your mobile phone or any network device.


If a smart garage door opener sounds too flashy for your simple tastes, it sounds too tech-y for your needs, you may change your impression after reading this article. We’ll explain what are the perks of having a smart garage door opener and why you should upgrade your next garage door opener installation:


Better Home Security

Even though you don’t experience any issues with your conventional garage door opener, you’d be better off with a more robust security system. Because older garage doors tend to use a fixed code for controlling the garage doors, anyone who gains access to that code will gain access to your residence. The code can be a prime target for unlawful people who could potentially break into your home. A smart garage door opener has a more dynamic, rolling code feature that gives you a new code each time the garage door opener needs to open. It’ll be less likely for outsiders to duplicate your code.   


Convenient Garage Door Operation

 If you’re still using a garage door opener that’s clunky, then you’re in for a treat with a smart system. Garage door opener installation companies offer units that are WiFi enabled. The connection lets the garage door opener link to any of your WiFi devices. And through the network connection, you can control when to open or close the garage door – wherever you are! Some smart systems can also use voice commands via Alexa or Google Assistant.  


The connectivity feature is not only convenient for operating the door, but it’s also more secure. For one, you can set a timer for when to open or close the doors. And every time activity is sensed near the garage doors; you’ll receive a signal about it, a helpful security feature. 


Reliable Battery Backup

 When it comes to garage doors, you need to have constant power available so that the opening and closing motion won’t have any glitches. But power outages can happen at any moment. If you’ve ever experienced an outage while your garage doors are just about to open or close, you know that the sudden event can leave the door stuck. It’s a major inconvenience if you happen to be in a hurry, but the garage door is either closed or could not be closed!


Smart garage door openers have added a battery backup feature. This enables you to control the garage door without electricity. You won’t have to worry about sudden power shortages affecting your garage doors, because the backup will keep the unit functioning even in emergencies.


Better Safety System

 Busy households usually hurry back and forth to the garage area. Even though you only spend a few minutes doing this, you still know how crucial it is to have a foolproof safe overhead garage door. If your kids run around and pass by the doorway frequently, you should invest in an opener with the best photo eye sensors.


Previous garage door openers may not have the best technology to sense any object in the way of the doors. New, smart models have eye sensors mounted at the base of the door. These sensors will detect even the slightest articles or persons that are right under the garage doorway. The control will automatically stop or reverse movement if it’s closing down.


With improved sensors, you can rest easy that none of your family members, pets, or any inanimate object obstructing the doorway will get accidentally hit by the garage doors.


Smooth Operation

 If your existing garage door opener has been at your home for decades, it’s most likely mechanized with chain drive. Functional and practical, yes, but not the smoothest option in the market. It’s a lot noisier and clunky than modern openers now. Upgrading your garage door opener gives you a quieter operation each time. It comes at a higher cost, but if you’re looking to reduce noise and be more discreet when opening and closing your garage door, it’s the right choice.


Energy Efficiency

 Because of climate change concerns affecting our entire world, it makes sense to prioritize energy efficiency. Household brands are introducing energy solutions to make it the norm for consumers. And this applies to garage doors, too. If you’re making an effort to be more environmentally mindful, consider a newer home garage door opener.


Smart systems have an intuitive power-saving option. It will automatically lessen power use if it’s idle.  It will be more efficient power-wise.


To complement your smart garage door opener, you may also want to upgrade the insulation in your doors to reduce outside air from changing the indoor temperature. These investments will benefit your costs (and the environment as well) in the long run.


Go Smart with Alpine Garage Door Repairs

 Smart garage doors have a lot of perks that older units just don’t have. If you’re planning an upgrade, Alpine Garage Door Repairs provides the best repair and garage door installation in the area. Let our professional technicians assist you in choosing the most suitable garage door opener for your home. We are available 24/7 for all types of garage door-related concerns. Contact us today to get started.